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Nigerian Police is Reformed already – Justice Abubakar Malami


Nigeria’s chief law officer, Abubakar Malami, has said that the police as an institution is already reformed and there is no basis for such calls.
Abubakar, who spoke at an event in Abuja on Monday, November 2 said: “What further evidence do you need of a reform of the police force in a situation whereby in a nation our security outfit, security personnel and indeed our security infrastructure are being attacked with impunity to such an extent that over 200 police stations were set ablaze without provocative reactions on the part of the police.
Furthermore, he said, I think I have made my point that we do not only have a reformed police force arising from the legislative frameworks that are in place, but we have an established proof of reform both in terms of attitude, sentiment and associated reactions on the part of the police.’’
How does the reform of police now translated into manifestation associated with the EndSARS incident. I think the answer is clear; for the first time in over past 20 years, we do not have incidences associated with massive loss of lives by way of reactions of the police.
He further more stated that about 20 policemen were killed by protesters, he said, “And in effect, we eventually have in our hands an incident where 20 policemen were provocatively killed by purported protesters without counter reactions by way of counter provocative attacks on the part of the public.”


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