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News: Take Us Back To Where You Picked Us From In 2015 – Dino Melaye to Muhammadu Buhari

Former Kogi lawmaker Dino Melaye called on the general state to observe a national day of prayer under President Muhammadu Buhari over the situation in Nigeria.
In a video on his Instagram page, Melaye said the spirit of failure has hit President Buhari and the governors of APC.
The former lawmaker has cautioned that if Nigerians do not come together to pray against it, something terrible will happen.
“We need to have a national day of prayer.
“I’m not saying this to scare but for those who are in the spirit will understand that if we continue to allow this spirit of failure to operate something catastrophic will happen.
“The spirit of perpetual error has fallen on president Buhari and APC led governors. Every hour a monumental colossal error is committed and it is becoming a tradition.
“It is very dangerous and I call for a day for national prayer
“We are on the edge; we need a national day of prayer to salvage our country as the spirit of error has taken over Aso Rock. They don’t know it or understand it.”
Melaye urged Buhari to take Nigeria back to how he encountered it before taking power in 2015, saying it was better than it is now.
“This is not the country of our dreams. We are not asking for improvements. Buhari should take us back to where he picked us from in 2015 where a loaf of bread was N120. Take us back to where you took us from.”


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