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Former Nigeria’s Deputy Senate President Alhaji Ibrahim Mantu’s Achievements Over The Years.

 Alhaji Ibrahim Nasiru Mantu was Nigeria’s deputy senate president from 1999 to 2007, his achievements over the years are listed below. 
During his stay in the Senate, Mantu single-handedly influenced the appointments of the following: (1) Jonah David Jang – Chairman, Warri Refinery
(2) Mrs. Pauline Tallen, Chairman, Raw Materials Research Institute, Abuja
(3) Amb. Fidelis Tapgun, Minister for Industries
(4) Chief Damishi Sango, Chairman, Film and Censorship Board
(5) Chief V. K. Dangin, Chairman, National Incubation Centre, Zaria
(6) chief Jethro Akun, Chairman, College of Education, Zaria
(7) Chief S. D. Lot, Chairman, Lower-Benue River Basin Development authority
(8) Late Philemon Dewan, Chairman, Upper Niger River Basin Development Authority
(9) Sen. George Hoomkwap, Chairman, Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi
(10) Mr. Gideon Zyok, Chairman, Orthopaedic Hospital, Kano.
Others were:
(11) Mr. Jock Alamba, acting Chairman, Jos University Teaching Hospital
(12) Hajiya Ladi Nimlan, Chairman, Psychiatric Hospital, Lagos
(13) Rev. Alexander Lar, Chairman, Federal College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos
(14) Ibrahim Buba, Chairman, NTA
(15) Alhaji Abdulrazak Sambo, Chairman, Federal Polytechnic, Birnin Kudu
(16) Mr. James Ayuba, chairman, Maritime Academy, Oron; and
(17) Prof. Dakum Shown, Chairman, NIPSS.

Executive Appointments

(1) Mr. Gyang Buba, Comptroller-General, Customs Services
(2) Prof. Monday Mangvwat, Vice-Chancellor, University of Jos
(3) Prof. Sonni Tyoden, Vice-Chancellor, University of Jos
(4) Mr. Goddy Miri, INEC Resident Commissioner, Bayelsa
(5) Prof. Ibrahim Bulus, Provost, College of Education, Pankshin and
(6) Dr. Lami Lombin, Director, NVRI, Vom.
Others were:
(7) Mrl. John Makilik, Member, Revenue Mobilization Commission
(8) Mr. Simon Gunkat, Member, National Assembly Service Commission
(9) Mrs. Helen Dabup, Director, National Assembly
(10) Danjuma Daspan, Director, ECOWAS Secretariat
(11) Danjuma Maina, Coordinator NAPEP, Plateau State and
(12) Diket Plang, Coordinator, NAPEP, Plateau State.
Other Board Appointments
(1) Alhaji Alhassan Shuaibu, NNDC
(2) Alhaji Mohammed Ciroman Wase, PPMC
(3) Amb. Bagudu Hirse, Liquefied National Gas
(4) Late Esther Ser, NNPC
(5) Alhaji Yakubu Gambo, Primary Education Board
(6) Mr. Thomas Kaangnaan, FHA, Abuja
(7) Mr. Danbaki, National Hospital, Abuja; (8) Alh. Abdullahi Madugu, College of Education, Abeokuta; (9) Alh. Buhari Yusuf, College of Education, Pankshin; (10) D. D. Muda, National Oil Research Institute, Ibadan
(11) Engr. Danjuma Dadu, University of Nsukka
(12) Shittu Bamaiyi, SMEDAN
(13) Mrs. Martha Boderin, Orthopaedic Hospital, Kano
(14) Barr. Ibrahim Kassai, Rural Electrification Board
(15) Alh. Sale Bayari, Nomadic Education
(16) Chief A. Y. Grumyul, Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda
(17) Alhaji Yahaya Kega, Citizenship and Leadership Centre, Jos and
(18) Alhaji Daiyabu Garga, NIPSS.
Others were:
(19) Mr. O. K. Gotip, University of Calabar
(20) Mr. Jebak, NEXIM
(21) Air Comm. Mwankon
(22) Alh. Haruna Maitala, National Theatre, Lagos
(23) Mr. Guchaks, College of Education, Enugu
(24) Mr. Raymond Dabo, NTA
(25) Chief Emmanuel Mangni, Wages Commission
(26) Iliya Dutse, National Institute for Management
(27) chief Samuel Mafuyai
(28) Alh. Danladi Pasali, National Museum and Monuments
(29) William Ayuba Daniel, Political Adviser to dep. Senate President
(30) Chief Yusuf Majau, Chief of Staff to the Dep. Senate President
(31) Mr. Njih, Chief Political Adviser to Dep. Senate President
(32) Alex Yola, Special Assistant on Youth Mobilization to the Deputy Senate President
(33) Late Zachariah Gotau, Chief Press Secretary to the Senate President
(34) Mr. Sylvanus Namang, Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Senate President
(35) Mr. Tangsan, Political Adviser to the Deputy Senate President and
(36) Mr. John Shitnaan, Technical Aid Corps.

Educational Development

1. Construction of Examination Hall in School of Health Technology, Pankshin
2. Assisted significantly in the building of Library of College of Education, Gindiri
3. Building of a Medical Centre in Federal College of Education, Pankshin
4. Constructed a Historical Development Centre named after him in the History Department of the University of Jos
5. Provided Mechanized Borehole in the University of Jos
6. Constructed G.S.S. Chanso single-handedly
7. Constructed Information Technology Centre in G.S.S. Bwalbwang
8. Renovated the blown-off Saint Paul’s Secondary School, Bokkos
9. Tarring of road network of the entire Gindiri Compound Schools and
10. Awarded scholarship to over 200 students.

Water and Rural Electrification

1. Mechanized Borehole in Daffo
2. Mechanized Borehole in Mangun
3. Mechanized Borehole in Chanso
4. Digging of Borehole in Garga
5. Mangu Regional Water Supply
6. Bokkos-Daffo Electrification Project
7. Gindiri-Langai-Kadunu Electrification
8. Gindiri-Chanso Electrification and
9. Kerang-Ampang-Mangun Electrification.

Road Construction

1. The construction of Panyam-Shendam road
2. The construction of Kabwir-Dawaki-Tafawa Balewa road
3. The construction of Panyam-Kumbun-Bokkos-Wamba road
4. Construction of Vom-Manchok road and
5. Construction of Mangu-Gindiri-Chanso road.

Healthcare Delivery

1. Construction of Comprehensive Health Care Centre in Garga
2. Establishment of a Comprehensive Health Centre in Gindiri and
3. Movement of the Jos University Teaching Hospital to its Permanent Site.


The first to get Presidential Waiver in the country to provide GSM services to cover the entire State.
1. Stood surety for individuals to secure loans to boost agriculture in the State
2. Gave personal assistance to farmers to purchase farm implements and
3. Provided fertilizer and insecticides free of charge to farmers.

Religious Assistance

1. He purchased a bus and donated to COCIN Vel in Pankshin LGC
2. He purchased a bus and donated to Izalatul Biddah Wai Ikamatus Sunna
3. He substantially contributed in building of COCIN, Gindiri
4.He trained and is still training some students in TCNN, Bukuru
5. He purchased and donated a bus to Christian Organization for Rural Development (CORD)
6. He has been sponsoring people to Christian and Muslim pilgrimages.

Social Services

1. He built a widowhood vocational centre in Kerang
2. Bought and donated 500 motorcycles to youths in the State and
3. Sponsored musicians and gospel artistes to produce their musical albums.


  1. A true leader per excellent whose leadership style, quality and dogdeness shall never be errass from the sand of time as not seem difficult to people who willl equal such a doged man of his Caliber and timber .His absent in leadership in Nigeria can be paradoxically be described as a colossal lose especially both Young and old in plateau state. No wander, leadership today lacks people who has focus Leaving the masses completely at a crossroads because of poor leadership quality, hence polarizes kidnappers, bandits, headsmen and a lots more, making the society completely unsafe to all unsundri. There is need. The only way to solve this need is to go back to where we got it wrong to make amends for such people like the former Dep. Senate President to come back onboard to salvage the masses from the storm and wave of poor, bad and selfish leadership.


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