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“Fix Jos WildLife Park” – Plateau State Citizens Cries Out


Plateau Citizens Cries out to the Government to fix and pay more attention to Jos Wildlife Park.

The Jos wildlife park is located in the center of the Jos and is very easy to locate as it is just by the road.

The Jos wildlife park is one of the largest man made zoological gardens in the country and is home to a variety of animals ranging from monkeys, elephants, lions. The variety of wildlife and closeness to nature is one of the many reasons why tourists come from far and wide to visit.

For nature and animal lovers, Jos WildLife Park is absolutely a must see.

However, during the past few years, the Jos WildLife Park has been neglected as the many beauty of the park is deteriorating, the animals and environment are not being taken care of.

This has spark up the citizens of Plateau State as they took to the social media platform, Twitter, to show their displeasure and also ask the government to look into this situation and proffer a solution to it, as the Jos WildLife Park has brought a lot of tourists to the state

Some reactions are as follows:

Furthermore, a citizen identified as Joeyzhibo has called on more people to join in the campaign so the Jos wildlife Park shall be fixed with immediate effect.


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