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An Open Letter to #EndSars Protestars – Fwangmun Oscar Danladi [Must Read]


Dear Friends in the struggle,
It has been a long week. How do we move from here?
The #EndSARS protest, best described by me as a leaderless revolution, particularly after I read the book titled Leaderless Revolution. Our struggle has had a lot of gains that we must ride upon. We do not ignore the pain that the death of our fellow brothers and sisters, our fallen Heroes has brought upon us. Many agile youths full of hopes, dreams, and aspirations lost their lives at the #lekkikillings and several other killings across the nation. And we’ve not forgotten that the subsequent #looting that continued as an aftermath of the movement which is forcefully branded on us. Despite all these, the #Endsars movement successfully moved us in the right direction. We have seen the possibility as young people unite and advocate for the construction of an alternative and better nation. It has also moved us to the place where the majority of the Nigerian public can’t deny that Power moved for a moment in the history of this country and the political class recognized the voices of young people. They were afraid of what we could do.
Before now, we all know that No government will decree, no politician will declare their own irrelevance even when they know clearly that they are incompetent. But we do not need them, those in authority to acknowledge that they have failed because it is obvious that they will never do that. We have tasted that our struggle have the potential to succeed at the simplest level, as well as on a broader canvas.
One of the gains of the #Endsars movement that has demonstrated great prospects for our dear nation among many others is our ability to Self-organize. This is exactly what we need to move forward. We must pick up from where we left.
What can we continue to do? First, simply start talking to your neighbors. Identify shared concerns, and take action. Secondly, establish forums to discuss common issues, moderate these respectfully and inclusively, invite all those concerned to attend—and to speak.
In this way, these new forms of organization will gain legitimacy, a legitimacy of real popular consent, delivered through participation and sooner or later these politicians will start to refer to these new forums whether they like it or not, then they will be left with no choice than to bow to them, and one day perhaps, give way to them. An alternative system is then created that will steer this nation into a New Dawn.
We will need to consolidate on the streets forums we had during the #Endsars protest. It can start with a few people meeting weekly over tea or coffee, but as it builds and others join, those in seat of authority will have to take notice. True power comes not from the assertion of rules and threats, but from the aggregation of honest and sincere voices, and their concerted heartfelt action. When sustained, uncorrupted, and driven by real concerns, such power is ultimately irresistible. Thus, power is redirected and repositioned to where it truly belongs – with the people.
As we look forward to this level of organizing, we must overcome our worse enemy – Fear. Our government has instilled different fears within us. We’ve been branded with different names, looters, hoodlums, vandalizers etc. We are now afraid of each other because we don’t know those who belong to us and those among us that are against us. We now have fears of failure and, perhaps most inadmissible of all, fear of our own considerable power, such that we don’t seem to believe in the potential of what we can achieve together. The authorities now play upon these fears and suggesting to us that only they can protect us. But that claim is ever less plausible. Indeed, governments’ attempts to impose order, through force or legislation, not only seem ineffective but may exacerbate the problems they are claiming to solve. Worse, they have convinced us, who have in fact the greater power, that we are powerless. We must overcome these fears in order to forge ahead.
We have been silenced by the pervasive belief that the #NewNigeria we all long for is not possible. We’ve been bewitched to believe that the current Nigeria, one driven by impunity and one that only the highest corrupt bidder takes, cannot change. When in fact our democracy has been hijacked by those with the largest profits. We have been intimidated by the bullying repetition that the status quo represents the summit of human progress, when in its inequality, its
carelessness for our planet, and its inhumanity to the poor and vulnerable, in many ways it represents the worst. Our silence permits this outrage to continue, and profound injustice to be perpetuated.
Dear brothers and sisters in the struggle, let us not be silent. And it is this silence that must now be broken, through a thousand acts, construction to build the #NewNigeria begins. We must take actions, A thousand acts that declare that there is a much more better way of organizing and deciding our lives together. Though peaceful, these are revolutionary acts.
#TheNigeriaWeWant is possible!



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