Hoarders VS. Looters


    From the start of the pandemic in Nigeria, sharing of governments palliatives always tangle in controversy, Many Nigerians wondered what criteria was employed to share palliatives and how the government arrived at the conclusion that the poorest of the poor were to be given palliatives, which of course sounded shady to people. Allegations were made that sharing of palliative packages has been politicized, many citizens who were fortunate to have received the palliatives came out openly to make caricature of what was given to them as a relief package for covid-19 and if the government really cared about its citizens.

    Within the past few days, we have witnessed attacks on both private and government owned properties which resulted to invasion of secret warehouses in which palliatives were hoarded by the state government, in videos seen from social media, citizens were seen looting and carting food items such as noodles, rice and other edibles which was supposed to be distributed to people. Can you imagine the shock, finding out edibles meant for the poorest of the poor being hoarded in large chunks while the poorest died of hunger? This has brought different reactions to Nigerians on the aim of the government why warehouses are found with covid19 palliatives, storing foods which can get expired or invested by pests.

    While the country is divided between the hoarders and looters, we are left to imagine the aim of the hoarders on the need to keep palliatives meant for citizens. Could it be that there is a revelation of a surging feminine in Nigeria which made the government save palliatives like Joseph did for the people of Egypt or could it be worse than blaming it on greed and self love of Nigerian politician in their cause to make citizens suffer and die of hunger? Despite Nigeria being Africa’s wealthiest, most populous nation and the fastest-growing economy, 3,000 Nigerians die of hunger daily so why will The government stock food in warehouses while people are suffering, an act of pure wickedness which has remain a misery to us for 60years.

    It is safe to say that the government has no excuse on the ongoing rampage of warehouses as they have never held accountability for anything, while we wait for a reasonable explanation, we keep assuming.

    The looters aren’t let behind as many critics compare and can’t find the difference between them and the hoarders, the looters are citizens who hidden palliatives are meant for, they are being blamed for carting away food items meant for them, is this seen as good or an act of thievery? Many critics have brought their opinions as it is the right for looters to cart things the government was meant to share to them and others find it insane as looters are committing the same evil as the hoarders. In a rethink, if these palliatives were giving to citizens as planed and food was provided, there will never be a reason to loot. But while hunger kill many Nigerians we find no problem in looting palliatives that are supposed to be for them, we can therefore define it as a civic responsibility for citizens to loot food meant for them.

    As looters continue to uncover warehouses, join our ongoing debate on the hoarders vs. looters.


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