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Entertainment: Support and Stream Jos Artists Music – Music Producer, Elmore


One of Nigeria’s “A” List producer, Former Tinny Entertainment Producer and CEO of Pearlcity (formerly known as BEDMusic)Elmore Hodus has sent out advice for the citizens of Jos. 

According to Elmore, there are so many talents lying in Jos, but the talents are not appreciated much because the citizens of Jos don’t appreciate its people enough, especially on the aspect of entertainment.
The former Tinny producer stated that the only difference between Jos artists and the Western artists is their people and society supported them when they were coming up.
Elmore has charged the people of Jos to do more in supporting their musicians, he believes the people of Jos can change the narratives and mindsets of artist, but only of support is shown towards this artists.
He said:

“If u check the rate of violence, stealing, cultism, drug adicts n plenty bad things in our society today are done by talented artistes on the street of jos… U know why? The Society left them, parents see them as useless n worthless, see us as jobless people. We wanna make a change, we wanna make a difference, we wanna touch lives… Support an artiste today, stream j town songs. U see that car wizkid drives? Promphizy Pomack Dennis, Tije Manari and the rest artiste from jos can drive them too but can’t buy them. Their society streamed and supported them n that’s why they are where the are today. Lagos don’t need to bring an American for a successful show, we can make a bigger n better shows with just jos artiste involved. Lagos comes to jos to steal our artiste.

I as a producer I produce 50% foreign artiste, 49.5% lagocians and 0.5% jos artistes, u know why? They wanna steal what we don’t see as a treasure n same to other producers, Sammy Gyang can say more on this… Lagocians dress reach us? Lol them know na n that’s why Kennedy Philip is the best celebrity stylist in nigeria n he’s jos… Touch a life, Stream jos songs, Support jos events, Let’s have a better plateau, Let’s change the narratives, If u believe me pls share n let’s touch lives together.”


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